Most Commonly Asked Questions.  Still have questions? Contact us, we are happy to help.

Do I need to sign a rental contract with Land of Dreamzzz in order to rent the equipment?

Yes. Please see our ‘Terms and Conditions’, which fully explain our policies and requirements.

What payment is required for booking a party?

We initially require a deposit of 50% of the total rental cost plus a security deposit, to secure your booking. The remaining balance is to be paid 14 days prior to your scheduled party date. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept email e-transfers or cash. E-transfers can be emailed to We ask that you use the security question what is this deposit for? And the answer slumber party.

Is delivery and set up included in the package price?

Delivery is included for parties located in Oshawa, Whitby, Courtice and Brooklin.  All other locations will be charged an additional delivery fee. 

How long is the rental period?

Our standard rental period is 18 hours. For example; if your party starts at 6pm, the rental period ends at noon the next day. Should you require more time with the equipment, please inquire upon booking.

How long does set up take?

The set-up time depends on the size of your party. To give you an idea, a four-person party usually takes on average 1- 1.5 hours, to complete our set-up.

How much space is required per tent/person?

Our mattresses are standard twin size (38” wide by 75” long). The tents are approximately 3 feet high and 40” wide. You will need approximately 4 feet width and 6 feet length per bed and tent. Please note: It is the customer’s responsibility to measure the room area where the party is to be held. Land of Dreamzzz is not held liable if the equipment does not fit upon arrival.

Who prepares the area where the tents will be set up?

The customer/host, is responsible to ensure that the area where the rental equipment will be set up, is clean and all furniture is removed. Land of Dreamzzz does not move furniture or personal belongings.

Smoking and pets

No smoking (including vaping) or pets are allowed near, or in the rental equipment.  Upon arrival, if Land of Dreamzzz deems there is indoor smoking of any kind, they reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement and the deposit shall be forfeited.

Are any drinks or food allowed in the tents?

No food or drink, other than water, is allowed on the mattresses and in the tents.

Is adult supervision required at all times during the rental period?

Yes. Diligence must be taken by the customer/parent/guardian to take care and always supervise children with the rental equipment on the customer’s premises. The host is responsible for the children and the rental equipment.

Is the rental equipment available for outdoor use?

No, as none of the equipment is waterproof.

How is the rental equipment cleaned?

All of our bedding (mattress covers, mattress protectors, sheets, blankets) and pillows are laundered/sanitized in hypo-allergenic detergent. Everything else is spot cleaned and wiped down, after every use, with child-friendly products.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. Should a cancellation be required, Land of Dreamzzz requires a minimum 14-day written notice before the event. Failure to do so will result in a loss of your deposit. Please see our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for more information.

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