Terms and Conditions


We require a deposit of 50% of the fee upfront, to secure booking.  The remaining balance of payment, must be paid two weeks before booking date. Minimum $250 booking fee.  Land of Dreamzzz will withhold delivery until full payment is received.

Security Deposit

At the time of booking, we require a $150 security deposit from households without pets and a $250 security deposit for households with pets.  Please note that larger parties will require a larger security deposit, which will be determined at time of booking. Security deposits will be refunded if/when all supplies are returned and found in good, clean and working condition.

Methods of Payment

We accept payments by email e-transfer or cash only. We ask that the payment be transferred to landofdreamzzz@gmail.com with the security question What is this deposit for? and the answer Slumber Party. 

Rental Period

Standard rental agreements are for an 18-hour duration, unless an alternative time period has been agreed upon, at the time of booking.  

Extended Rental Time

If an extended rental time is required/requested, beyond the original rental agreement, if the equipment is available, Land of Dreamzzz will do their best accommodate the request, at an additional charge the for the extra time. 


In the case of cancellation, Land of Dreamzzz requires a written notice, a minimum of 14 days prior to the booked event. Failure to do so will result in the loss of all deposits. However, deposits may be transferred to another available date at the discretion of Land of Dreamzzz. 

Change in Booking Date

In the case of a request to reschedule/change a booked date, Land of Dreamzzz requires a written notice, a minimum of 7 days prior to the booked event. Land of Dreamzzz will do their best to accommodate an alternate date.  Failure to provide seven days’ notice, will result in the loss of all deposits.

Delivery Charges

Delivery is included for parties located in Oshawa, Whitby, Courtice and Brooklin.  All other locations will be charged an additional delivery fee.  

Assembly and Set Up of Equipment

Delivery, assembly, styling, set up and take down, are included in Land of Dreamzzz package pricing. 


Adult(s) to be Present at Delivery

The customer is responsible to have someone over the age of majority present to accept the delivery and collection of the rental products, on the day of the scheduled event. If the customer fails to be present, a late fee of $75 will be charged and deducted from the security deposit.

Preparation of Site for delivery of Rental Equipment

The customer is responsible to ensure that the area designated for the party rental equipment has adequate room and is clear of any debris. All floor areas must be clean from dirt and pet hair before any assembly begins. Land of Dreamzzz does not move furniture and is not responsible for clearing the area designated for the party. Land of Dreamzzz is not be liable for damage to the site, site access, furniture or personal belongings of the customer.

Required Space for each tent/mattress (party station):

The tents are approximately 3 feet high and you will need approximately 4 feet width x 6 feet length, area of floor space per tent/mattress (party station). Please note: It is the customer’s responsibility to measure the room area where the party is to be held. Land of Dreamzzz is not held liable if the equipment does not fit upon arrival. (It has been our experience that the party stations are larger than our hosts had anticipated, which is why we highly recommend measuring your space, before deciding on the number of guests attending your event!).

Smoke Free Environment is Mandatory

All Land of Dreamzzz events must be held in a smoke-free environment.  Land of Dreamzzz reserves the right to immediately forfeit your booking, without refund, if staff feels our equipment could be compromised or damaged, if staff finds your property to contain any cigarette smoke odor, e-cigarettes/vaping use/odor or unhygienic living conditions.

Adult Supervision during Rental Period

It is the responsibility of the individual(s) that booked their event with Land of Dreamzzz, to supervise the children with the rental equipment, while in their possession and on their premises.  

No Liability for Damage or Injury

Land of Dreamzzz will not be responsible for any physical injuries, illness or death to event participants.  Land of Dreamzzz will not be responsible to damage to the rental equipment 

No Pets permitted Near Equipment

Pets are not be allowed in or near the equipment due to allergy protection from pet hair, saliva, body fluids and dander. Failure to adhere to this, will result in forfeit of security deposit .The customer will be responsible for cleaning costs required up to the full replacement value of equipment. 

Land of Dreamzzz – Warranty

Land of Dreamzzz warrants that all of its equipment is cleaned, laundered and sanitized with hypo-allergenic products, before and after every rental use.